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Advantages of tissue microtome

Time:2024-06-06 Click:104

Tissue microtome is a kind of equipment for pathological section analysis of human tissues, animal and plant tissues. Tissue microtome are generally divided into rotary microtome and frozen microtome.


Rotary microtome: It is used to slice by rotating the hand wheel. The wax block table is embedded in the metal clamp seat that can move up and down in the groove, and cuts the flat slice by pushing forward with the micro screw. Some rotary microtome are equipped with three knobs and a fastening knob on the head, which can deflect and tighten it in all directions, so as to adjust the section of the wax block. The cutting angle of the slicer can be adjusted. Because this microtome uses a heavy and large slicer knife, it generally does not vibrate when cutting hard tissue. The slice thickness can be adjusted from 1-30 microns to any thickness by the knob, and each gradient is 1 or 2 microns.


The advantage of the rotary microtome is that the body is heavy, so it is more stable than the rocking microtome. It is very suitable for cutting paraffin sections. It can be ideal for cutting continuous sections and also for cutting large tissue blocks.