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Biological specimens are of great significance to teaching and scientific research

The use of biological specimens is diverse and plays an important role in scientific research and biological teaching. In addition, they are also of great value in drawing, exhibition, viewing, etc.

For scientific research, biological specimens can provide direct, reliable, accurate and intuitive objects and data for scientific research, which is of great significance for studying the life, growth and development laws of animals and plants. For example, when plant taxonomists systematically classify various plants, they must take plant specimens as the main basis, analyze the differences of research objects in root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed and other aspects through plant standards, so as to correctly judge their characteristics, so as to accurately identify each plant.

In teaching, biological specimens can make the knowledge explained by teachers more intuitively displayed, thus deepening students' understanding and cognition. For example, when visiting the Animal and Plant Museum, we can see many precious animal and plant specimens. The exhibition of these biological specimens provides the majority of young people with the conditions to learn biological knowledge, improves their interest in learning, and also enhances the public's understanding of nature, and establishes a correct concept of animal and plant protection.

Biological specimens are the most valuable permanent records in human natural heritage, and play an irreplaceable role in scientific research, scientific knowledge popularization and human daily life. With the development of the times, human beings have made a transition in the use of natural resources, and the environment has gradually deteriorated today. Preserving biological species in the form of specimens is also of great significance for future research on the course of biological development and evolution.