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Techniques for making vertebrate taxidermy  [2023-12-14]

Vertebrate dipping specimens are specimens that are embalmed w... ...【View Full Text】

Advantages of tissue microtome  [2023-11-22]

There are many types of microtome, and the scope of applicatio... ...【View Full Text】

Common methods of making animal bone specimens  [2023-10-12]

Skeletal specimens can be used to study the skeletal system of... ...【View Full Text】

Two major factors causing deterioration of traditional Chinese medicine  [2023-09-04]

The specimens of traditional Chinese medicine is used as the p... ...【View Full Text】

Species of biological slice fixation   [2023-08-09]

In the process of making biological sections, in order to avoi... ...【View Full Text】

Causes of damage to hydrobios specimens  [2023-07-26]

Hydrobios specimens are the basis of aquaculture teaching and ... ...【View Full Text】

Paraffin tissue section preservation  [2023-07-12]

Many laboratory researchers are accustomed to storing tissue w... ...【View Full Text】

The use of paraffin embedding technology  [2023-06-28]

Paraffin embedding method is a conventional method for making ... ...【View Full Text】

Preservation of vertebrate skeletal specimens  [2023-06-14]

In order to be effectively preserved for a long time, it is ne... ...【View Full Text】

Protection methods for dried specimens  [2023-05-09]

Dry preserved specimen is a comprehensive skill combining scie... ...【View Full Text】

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