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Techniques for making vertebrate taxidermy

Vertebrate dipping specimens are specimens that are embalmed with preservation fluid. If well preserved, this specimen can be preserved for a long time. It can clearly show the external form and internal structure of the organism, and can also maintain the original color of the organism for a long time. This article mainly starts with lizards. 



When the whole animal specimen is impregnated, the preservation solution is not easy to penetrate, and over time, the internal organs are easy to rot, and the preservation solution should be injected to prevent embalming. A needle can be inserted into the head, thorax and abdomen of the grass lizard with a syringe and a small amount of 10% formalin injected each. 


2.Plastic surgery

The fixation of the immersion specimen is very important, and it is necessary to carefully go from the head to the tail, and cannot be missed. Dissect plates or dissect wax dishes when fixing. Place the grass lizard injected with the preservative, back side up, flat on the dissection plate and pad a ball of cotton wool under the head and neck so that the head is raised on its back. If you want to open your mouth, stuff a ball of cotton wool into your mouth. Arrange the forelimbs, hindlimbs, trunk and tail in an ecological manner, fix the fingers, toes and tail with pins, and bend the tail if the specimen bottle is short. The tail of the grass lizard is easy to break, if the tail is broken, you can insert it with a thin bamboo wire, connect the broken tail, and then arrange the posture. Dip a brush in 40% formalin and apply twice to the lizard's skin. After 1 hour, the fingers, toes and tail tips of the front and rear limbs of the grass lizard specimen have been hardened, the pins are removed, and the immersion in 10% formalin is removed. 10% formalin is used as a transitional immersion solution, which can leach the yellow liquor in the grass lizard body to avoid contaminating the infusion solution when the bottle is officially served. The specimen should be immersed for 1~3 months, and the new solution should be replaced 3~4 times in the middle until the immersion solution is no longer yellow.


Take the lizard from 10% of the infusion solution, thread the white silk thread with a needle, pass a white line on the lizard's chest near the forelimbs and abdomen near the hind limbs, tie the thread to the glass sheet, knot on the edge of the glass sheet, and tie a white thread to the tail so that the whole specimen is tied to the glass sheet, and then make the cushion corner of the glass sheet, install it on the glass sheet, and then put it into a washed specimen bottle. After the specimen is bottled, add the preservation solution and close the bottle. The preservation solution in the bottle should not be overfilled, and the liquid level should not touch the cap. Take resin glue or wax, dip a brush in the gap between the cap and the bottle until it is filled, and then label the bottle.

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