Biological tissue staining machine

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Main technical performance:

1. The surface of the body adopts APS static electricity, spraying process, high strength, corrosion resistance, streamlined appearance, easy to clean.

2. The combination of wire rope transmission and computer control technology is adopted, and the system runs stably, has accurate positioning and low noise.

3. The system can store 99 sets of different programs, each with 50 sets of program content, which can meet the special requirements of users for different tissue staining treatments.

4. The processing time of a single cylinder can be set arbitrarily between 0~99 minutes and 59 seconds. 

5. The dyeing tank can be insulated; Effectively overcome the drawbacks of poor dyeing effect caused by low ambient temperature. 

6. Cleaning cylinder (two); Double water wash tank for intensive cleaning of hematoxylon; Make residual hematoxylin cleaner;  

7. Automatic cleaning device can be added when changing each reagent cylinder to make the operation more convenient and fast.

8. It has air emission devices to reduce air pollution.  

9. Cylinder drainage: cleaning reagent time 0-99 seconds


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