Automatic biological tissue dehydrator

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Main technical performance:

★ 1. A new hydraulic cylinder is added to the dehydrator to improve gradient dehydration and achieve the best effect of sample dehydration.

2. The unique heating device can control the temperature of dehydration, transparency and wax immersion independently in three stages to meet the requirements of all-weather dehydration under different temperature environments.

3. The body surface is sprayed with APS engineering plastic, with high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth lines and easy cleaning.

4. Fully intelligent design, timely judge and handle abnormal situations;

5. Bright and soft Chinese/LED display, stable and reliable. Humanized keyboard, simple and intuitive program programming, program self-locking when entering the running state, without affecting normal operation due to misoperation;

6. The key control components are imported original, reliable in operation and accurate in positioning;

7. Two-dimensional soft drive system program runs quietly, with long working life, providing a comfortable and comfortable environment;

8. Professional integrated digital circuit control system, original imported core components, accurate signal transmission, without any interference;

★ 9. The state of no external power supply can finish the continuous work of the programmed program with memory, and the sudden power failure in the middle will not affect the organizational processing effect;

★ 10. It is the first dry heating in China. The patented technology eliminates the damage of water vapor to the machine and organization caused by traditional water medium heating, and accurately guarantees the temperature of wax melting;

11. Powerful software functions and unique single-cylinder cylinder position recognition system ensure accurate cylinder position positioning, and completely eliminate the cumbersome alarm processing device set due to inaccurate cylinder position;

12. The aviation special high sensitivity temperature sensor and relay double protection ensure the machine safety;

★ 13. The chute hanging basket lifting and unloading device of the national patented technology ensures the smooth and stable lifting and unloading of the basket during the operation of the organization, and completely eliminates the danger of basket falling during dehydration.

14. Built-in circulating air purification system, efficient adsorption of harmful gases, external exhaust channel

Further purify the air to make the room green and environmental friendly.

15. High-integrated modular digital special control electric cabinet can effectively record and control, making maintenance and after-sales easier;

16. It can continue to work after power failure, and the operation procedure will not be affected;

★ 17. Water-free heating, high precision of temperature control, triple heating safety protection can completely eliminate the disadvantages of water heating, and the temperature control is more accurate and safe, which is a national patent and the first in China.


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