Sperm Counting chamber

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1、 Purpose

The sperm counting board is mainly used for sperm counting and morphological analysis, as well as quantitative testing of prostate fluid, cervical secretions, and blood cell count.

2、 Usage

1) The body fluid loading platform is located at a diameter of 6.5mm on the base plate. After disinfecting with medical alcohol, it can be used.

2) Drop the tested semen onto a circular liquid carrier, cover it with a circular cover plate, and place it on a microscope platform to observe and count.

3) By connecting a digital camera to a computer on a microscope, analysis software can be applied for counting or morphological analysis.

3、 Technical parameters

1) External dimensions: 74 x 36 x 7 (total thickness of plate cover), unit: mm

2) Liquid carrier platform: gap between diameter 6.5mm and cover plate 0.01mm. Accuracy error:+1.5um at 37 ° C constant temperature state

3) Grid size: 0.1 x 0.1=0.01mm/small grid


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