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Parasitology set of 100 pcs

Parasitology set of 100 pcs

Parasites slides|Flagellate slides

Medical parasitology prepared slides
1Bloodstream trypanosomes smear
2Giardia lamblia trophozoite W.M
3Trichomonas vaginalis trophozoites w.m
4Toxoplasma gondii trophozoites w.m
5Malay microfilaria w.m
6Clonorchis sinensis adults w.m
7Egg of Clonorchis sinensis w.m (Natural Color)
8Egg of Fasciola hepatica w.m
9Egg of Fasciolopsis buski W.M(Natural Color)
10Egg of paragonimus westermani(Natural Color)W.M.
11Schistosoma japonicum(female)W.M.
12Schistosoma japonicum(male)W.M.
13Sexual mosaic of Schistosoma japonicum W.M.
14Eggs of Schistosoma japonicum W.M.(natural color)
15Miracidium of Schistosoma japonicumW.M.
16Schistosoma japonicum sporocyst W.M
17Cercaria of Schistosoma japonicum W.M.
18Mixed eggs  w.m
19egg of spirometra mansoni(natural color) 
20Hook Taenia solium immature proglottid w.m
21Taenia solium eggs W.M (natural color)
22egg of  Hymenolepis nana
23Adult of Hymenolepis nana
24Mansoni Spirometra immature proglottid
25Mansoni Spirometra mature proglottid
26Mansoni Spirometra gravid proglottid
27Ascaris fertilized egg w.m (natural color)
28Ascaris unfertilized eggs w.m (natural color)
29Roundworm lip
30Ascaris tail end  w.m(Male) 
31Ascaris male t.s
32Ascaris female t.s
33Ascaris Male and female t.s
34Whipworm eggs w.m (natural color)
35egg of Ancylostoma duodenale
36Trichinella larvae cysts sec.(HE)
37Trichinella larvae w.m
38Anopheles eggs w.m
39Culex eggs w.m
40Aedes eggs w.m
41Anopheles pupae w.m
42Culex pupae w.m
43Aedes pupae w.m
44Anopheles larvae w.m
45Culex larvae w.m
46Aedes larvae w.m
47Anopheles (female) mouthparts w.m
48Anopheles (male) mouthparts w.m
49Culex (female) mouthparts w.m
50Culex (male) mouthparts w.m
51Aedes (female) mouthparts w.m
52Aedes (male) mouthparts w.m
53Housefly mouthparts w.m
54Fleas adult w.m(flea w.m)
55Housefly foot w.m
56Fly larvae poststigma w.m
57Macracanthorynchus hirudinaceus eggs w.m (natural color)
58Canine hookworm eggs
59Canine tapeworm eggs
60Canine bull tapeworm immature proglottid w.m
61Canine bull tapeworm mature proglottid w.m
62Canine bull tapeworm pregnancy proglottid w.m
63Dicrocoelium chinensis eggs
64Dipylidium caninum eggs
65Dipylidium caninum immature proglottid w.m
66Dipylidium caninum mature proglottid w.m
67Dipylidium caninum pregnancy proglottid w.m
68Diphyllobothrium latum immature proglottid w.m
69Diphyllobothrium latum mature proglottid w.m
70Diphyllobothrium latum pregnancy proglottid w.m
71Hepaticola hepatica eggs
72Schistosomiasis liver sec.
73Fasciolopsis sec.
74Fasciola hepatica liver sec.
75Hydatid sand  w.m(former head larva)
76Infectious Ascaris eggs
77Ascaris Deproteinized membrane fertilized egg  w.m(natural color)
78Cysticercus cellulosae sec.
79Promastigote of leishmania donovani w.m
80Chilomastix mesnili trophozoites w.m
81Mixed eggs  w.m(trematodes eggs)
82Mixed eggs w.m(tapeworm eggs)
83Mixed eggs  w.m(nematode eggs)
84Fasciola lanceolata eggs
85Without hook Taenia saginata immature proglottid w.m
86Haemonchus contortus eggs
87Toxoplasma gondii cysts w.m
88Hard tick (Ixodes) w.m
90Plasmodium vivax w.m
91Plasmodium falciparum w.m
92Balantidium coli cysts w.m
93Balantidium coli trophozoite w.m
94Trichinella spiralis muscle sec.
95Taenia ovis segments t.s
96pregnancy proglottid of Taenia ovis W.M.
97Mature proglottid of Taenia ovis W.M.
98Strongylus vulgaris w.m
100Mites egg

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