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Parasitology set of 50 pcs

Parasitology set of 50 pcs

Parasites slides|Sporozoa Parasites slides

popular set of student medical parasitology slides(50 kinds)
C01 Entamoeba histolytica,cause amebic dysentery, smear from feces
C02 Entamoeba histolytica,cause amebic dysentery, smear with trophozoites( asexual forms )
C03 Entamoeba histolytica,smear showing cysts
C04 Giardia lamblia intestinalis,human parasite,smear with trophozoites
C05  Giardia lamblia intestinalis,smear with cysts
C06Trichomonas vaginalis, smear
C07leishmania donovani,cause kala-azar,smear from the infected spleen showing the typical leishman and leptomonad forms
C08 leishmania donovani,smear from culture showing leishman and leptomonad form .
C09plasmodium falciparum,malignant tertian malaria of man ,blood smear with typical ring stage .
C10 plasmodium falciparum,blood smear with more gametocytes .
C11 plasmodium vivax,benign tertian malaria of man ,blood smear
C12 plasmodium malariae,causing quartan malaria in man ,blood smear
C13Toxoplasma gondii,causing toxoplasmosis tissue smear with parasites
C14Schistosoma Mansonia,t.s of adult male and female
C15 Schistosoma Mansoni, ova in faeces w.m
C16  Schistosoma Mansoni, cercaria with bifurcate tail.w.m
C17  Schistosoma haematobium,ova from urine sediment w.m
C18taenia saginata,selected mature proglottids w.m
C19 taenia saginata,ova in faeces w.m
C20 taenia solium,scolex w.m 
C21Echinococcus granulosus,tapeworm of dogs w.m ,of complete tapeworm with scolex and proglottids,
C22selected and carefully stained specimens
C23 ascaris lumbricoides,ova in faeces w.m
C24Enterobius vermicularis w.m of adult male
C25eggs of  Taenia solium
C26Enterobius vermicularis w.m of adult female
C27 Enterobius vermicularis ,ova in faeces w.m
C28Trichuris W.M.(female)
C29Trichuris W.M.(male)
C30Eggs of Trichuris W.M.
C31Eggs of Enterobius W.M.(natural color)
C32Adult  Clonorchis sinensis w.m.
C33 Eggs of Clonorchis sinensis w.m
C34Eggs of Fasciolopsis buski W.M.
C35Adult Fasciolopsis buski w.m
C36Adult Fasciolopsis buski sec.
C37Adult of Fasciola hepatia section
C38Adult of Ixodies W.M.
C39Adult of Gamasid sp W.M.
C40Eggs of mosquito W.M.
C41Chrysalides of Mosquito W.M.
C42Pulex W.M.
C43Pediculus of Human W.M.
C44 Ascaris lumbricoides c.s.
C45Anterior end of Ascarid lumbricoide W.M.
C46Posterior end of Male Ascarid lumbricoide W.M.
C48eggs of housefly 
C49housefly larva
C50Trypanosome  blood smear

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