Botany microscope prepared slides set

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1 Mushroom, Sec.

2 Rhizopus nigricans,  W. M.

3 Penicillium,  W. M.

4 Aspergillus,  W. M.

5 Lichen,  Sec.

6 Spirogyra Conjugation,  W. M.

7 Moss Protonemata,  W. M.

8 Moss Antheridia,  L. S.

9 Black Algae Leaf c.s.

10 Pine Leaf,  C. S.

11 Pinus Male Strobilus with Microspores, l.s.

12 Pinus Female Globose Fruit, l. s.

13 Vicia Faba Young Root,  C. S.

14 Mitosis, Onion Root Tip Cells,  L. S.

15 Corn Stem,  C. S.

16 Corn Stem,  L. S.

17 Pelargonium Hortorum Stem,  C. S.

18 Morus Alba Petiole l.s. (show th abscission layer)

19 Syringa Stem Tip,  L. S.

20 Onion stoma, w.m.

21 Jasminum Nudiflorum Leaf,  C. S.

22 Coffee Leaf, c.s.

23 Narcissus Tazetta Leaf,  C. S.

24 Lily Anther,  C. S.

25 Lily Ovary,  C. S.

26 Corn Seed with Embryo,  L. S.

27 Stone Cells, Sec.

28 Tilia, one year two year & three year stems, c.s

29 Herbage & woody stem c.s.

30 Pollen Germination, W.M.


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