100Kinds mineral and rock thin microscope prepared slides

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S1 kimberlite

S2 quartzite

S3 ledikite claystone

S4 limestone

S5 gritstone

S6 quartz sandstone

S7 coarse siltstone

S8 glauconitic sandstone

S9 diorite

S10 simaite

S11 vesticular basalt

S12 shallow particle rock

S13 augite

S14 calcareous sandstone

S15 Mica Schist

S16 mellar packsand

S17 siliceous sandstone

S18 green schist

S19 crinoidal limestone

S20 verrucano

S21 picrite

S22 diorite-porphyrite

S23 silty siliceous shale

S24 chalcedonic

S25 flint zebra limestone

S26 muscovite-quartz schist

S27 green rock-fragment sandstone

S28 calcirudyte

S29 dolomite

S30 chlorite-garnet schist

S31 olivinization marble

S32 oolite siderite

S33 Yellow sand litharenite

S34 arkose

S35 siliceous phyllite

S36 glauconite

S37 greywacke

S38 plagioclase

S39 spotted pentlandite

S40 monzonite

S41 porphyritic granite

S42 wernerite

S43 biotite

S44 nodular ore

S45 sodalite

S46 iherzolite

S47 hematite

S48 rose quartz

S49 lapis lazuli

S50 phlogopite

S51 jasper

S52 actinolite

S53 gigantic swinestone

S54 magnesite

S55 sericolite

S56 opal

S57 mournite

S58 Hsiuyen jade

S59 siltite

S60 Iron cementitious sandstone

S61 silty shale

S62 mecrocrystalline marble

S63 black pumicite

S64 minette

S65 chlorite

S66 almandine chlorite schist

S67 zeolite

S68 biotite schist

S69 serpentine bowlder

S70 silicon taconite

S71 tufa

S72 dichroite cordierite taconite

S73 albite

S74 phyllite

S75 aporhyolite

S76 Dacite porphyrite

S77 nepheline syenite

S78 banded oolitic dolomite

S79 hornblende andesite

S80 pozzuolana

S81 hyalopsite

S82 staurolite schist

S83 ignimbrite

S84 argillaceous sandstone

S85 green rock-fragment sandstone

S86 quartzose conglomerate

S87 biotite plagioclase gneiss

S88 tremolite schist

S89 granitization granite

S90 greisen

S91 lithophysa basalt

S92 banded dolomitize marble

S93 biotite granulite

S94 altered diorite

S95 vesicular lava

S96 coquina

S97 amphibolite

S98 carboncaceous-siliceous slate

S99 diopside marble

S100 silicalite


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