200pcs Human pathology microscope prepared slides

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PS001 Cardiac hypertrophy

PS002 Prostatic hyperplasia

PS003 Bronchial epithelial squamous metaplasia

PS004 Liver degeneration water

PS005 Hepatic steatosis

PS006 Hyaline degeneration of the central splenic artery

PS007 Renal artery hyaline degeneration

PS008 Myxoid degeneration

PS009 Brain liquefaction necrosis

PS010 Bronchiectasis

PS011 Ossification Health

PS012 Intestinal metaplasia

PS013 Pathological calcification

PS014 Adenocarcinoma

PS015 Tubular epithelial edema

PS016 Cloudy swelling of the kidney

PS017 Granulomatous inflammation

PS018 Lymph caseous necrosis

PS019 Brown myocardial atrophy

PS020 Edema of renal tubular epithelial cells

PS021 Splenic arterioles hyalinization

PS022 Splenic capsule hyaline degeneration

PS023 Signet ring cell carcinoma

PS024 Scar tissue

PS025 Callus

PS026 Chronic pulmonary congestion

PS027 Acute hepatic congestion

PS028 Chronic hepatic congestion

PS029 Transparent thrombosis

PS030 Pulmonary hemorrhagic infarction

PS031 Pulmonary edema

PS032 Splenic infarction anemia

PS033 Pulmonary congestion and edema

PS034 Thrombus

PS035 Venous thrombosis

PS036 Lymph node inflammation bleeding

PS037 Lymph node cancer

PS038 Necrotizing lymphadenitis

PS039 Malignant lymphoma

PS040 Lymph node TB

PS041 Lymph node metastatic cancer

PS042 Myocardial infarction

PS043 Cellulose pleurisy

PS044 Appendix cellulitis

PS045 Liver abscess

PS046 Renal abscess

PS047 Abscess

PS048 Chronic granulomatous

PS049 Bacterial myocarditis

PS050 Chronic appendicitis

PS051 Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis

PS052 Chronic cholecystitis

PS053 Inflammatory polyps

PS054 Liver cyst formation

PS055 Fiber pericarditis with machine-oriented

PS056 Dysentery


PS058 Foreign body granuloma

PS059 Various inflammatory cells

PS060 Suppurative appendicitis

PS061 Intestinal polypoid adenomas

PS062 Squamous cell carcinoma

PS063 Hard breast cancer

PS064 Lipoma

PS065 Liposarcoma

PS066 Fibroma

PS067 Fibrosarcoma

PS068 Leiomyoma

PS069 Leiomyosarcoma

PS070 Malignant cells

PS071 Fibroadenoma

PS072 Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

PS073 Mucinous carcinoma of the stomach

PS074 Basal cell carcinoma

PS075 Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

PS076 Colon adenocarcinoma

PS077 Melanoma

PS078 Aortic atherosclerosis

PS079 Capillary hemangioma

PS080 Hepatic cavernous hemangioma

PS081 Coronary atherosclerosis

PS082 Primary particulate contracted kidney

PS083 Fibrinoid necrosis of the vessel wall

PS084 Chronic bronchitis

PS085 Diffuse emphysema

PS086 Lobar pneumonia (hemorrhagic edema period)

PS087 Lobar (red hepatic phase)

PS088 Lobar (gray hepatic phase)

PS089 Lobar (dissolved dissipate period)

PS090 Bronchopneumonia (lobular pneumonia)

PS091 Interstitial pneumonia

PS092 Viral pneumonia

PS093 Silicosis

PS094 Squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

PS095 Small cell lung cancer

PS096 Lung adenocarcinoma

PS097 Lung Cancer

PS098 Nasal polyps

PS099 Acute pulmonary hemorrhage

PS100 Smoking Lung

PS101 Tuberculosis

PS102 Lung adenocarcinoma

PS103 TB caseous necrosis

PS104 Miliary tuberculosis

PS105 Emphysema

PS106 Tuberculous pleurisy

PS107 Tubercles

PS108 Caseous pneumonia

PS109 Cellulose pneumonia

PS110 Intestinal adenomas

PS111 Chronic atrophic gastritis

PS112 Chronic superficial gastritis

PS113 Gastric adenocarcinoma

PS114 Acute simple appendicitis

PS115 Colon Cancer

PS116 Viral

PS117 Chronic active hepatitis

PS118 Subacute severe hepatitis

PS119 Acute severe hepatitis

PS120 Alcoholic hepatitis

PS121 Portal cirrhosis

PS122 Biliary cirrhosis

PS123 After necrotic cirrhosis

PS124 Bacillary dysentery

PS125 Hepatic congestion


PS127 Liver schistosomiasis

PS128 Liver edema

PS129 Well-differentiated intestinal adenocarcinoma

PS130 Differentiated intestinal adenocarcinoma

PS131 Poorly differentiated intestinal adenocarcinoma

PS132 Villous colon adenocarcinoma

PS133 Common type of acute hepatitis

PS134 Small nodular cirrhosis

PS135 Cloudy swelling of the liver

PS136 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

PS137 Hodgkin's lymphoma

PS138 Hodgkin's lymphoma

PS139 Renal cell carcinoma

PS140 Wilms' tumor


PS142 Renal tuberculosis

PS143 Renal atrophy oppression

PS144 Kidney Cancer

PS145 Bladder Cancer

PS146 Hypertensive renal

PS147 Chronic nephritis

PS148 Acute nephritis

PS149 Interstitial nephritis

PS150 Chronic pyelonephritis

PS151 Acute pyelonephritis

PS152 Chronic glomerulonephritis

PS153 Acute glomerulonephritis

PS154 Diffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis

PS155 Diffuse sclerosing glomerulonephritis

PS156 Endometrial hyperplasia

PS157 Uterine leiomyoma

PS158 Squamous cell carcinoma of the uterus

PS159 Uterine cancer

PS160 Endometrial adenocarcinoma

PS161 Papillary serous ovarian adenocarcinoma

PS162 Ovarian mucinous cystadenoma

PS163 Ovarian cysts

PS164 Adenofibroma

PS165 Breast fiber adenosis

PS166 Invasive ductal carcinoma

PS167 Acne breast cancer

PS168 Testicular seminoma

PS169 Prostate Cancer

PS170 Breast cancer

PS171 Mole

PS172 Ovarian cysts

PS173 Ovarian Cancer

PS174 Chronic cervicitis

PS175 Cervical erosion

PS176 Genital warts

PS177 Endometriosis

PS178 Teratoma

PS179 Endemic goiter

PS180 Toxic goiter

PS181 Thyroid adenoma

PS182 Thyroid cancer

PS183 Papillary thyroid carcinoma

PS184 Thyroid follicular carcinoma

PS185 Adrenocortical adenoma

PS186 Simple goiter

PS187 Fibrous thyroiditis

PS188 Purulent meningitis

PS189 Japanese encephalitis

PS190 Meningioma

PS191 Neurofibromatosis

PS192 Astrocytoma

PS193 Osteosarcoma

PS194 Giant cell tumor of bone

PS195 Chondrosarcoma

PS196 Mixed parotid tumor

PS197 Skeletal muscle atrophy

PS198 Atypical hyperplasia

PS199 Lung fleshy change

PS200 Gout nodules


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